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Beware of Online Pop-ups!

Several customers have called or e-mailed us to inquire about online advertisements that pop up automatically while visiting In fact, one such pop-up asked the customer for her Social Security number and other personally identifying information as part of an offer for an alleged free credit report.

Please be assured that Millbury Savings does not use so-called pop-up advertising on our site, and that these offers are not associated in any way with Millbury Savings. This annoying form of advertising actually is initiated through third parties when you visit other sites. However, the fact that they’re appearing when you visit sites such as, which does not itself use pop-up advertising, could indicate that your computer is infected with malware.

As a rule, you should never enter any of the information requested or click on any links within the window. Some can be dangerous, containing malicious software that could be downloaded to your computer or, like in the example above, “phishing” to gain your personal information.

One possible way to avoid receiving this intrusive advertising is to initiate a pop-up blocker—either through the setting within your browser typically found in the “Options” menu, or through a third party such as an antivirus or security software provider.

Bear in mind, however, that these pop-ups blockers sometimes can affect the functionality of certain sites —such as our own Online Banking site —and may need to be temporarily disabled to allow certain functions to take place.

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