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Don’t Respond to That Robocall!

The Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA) reported that some consumers in Massachusetts are receiving robocalls —autodialed, pre-recorded messages asking bank and credit union customers to confirm their personal banking information over the telephone.

The MBA is warning consumers not to respond to the calls. The messages are being received by customers from multiple banking institutions. While Millbury Savings Bank is not aware of such calls being made to our bank’s customers, we agree with the MBA that consumers should remain vigilant in not responding to such automated requests to verbally provide or key-in your account numbers or passwords.

According to the MBA, robocalls are random, automated calls from unknown sources, generally untraceable  because of sophisticated filtering and layering. Moreover, the MBA reports that the number displaying on caller IDs could be faked or “spoofed,” coming across as your bank or an ambiguous local number when, in fact, the call is likely originating somewhere overseas.

Remember: your bank already has your personal banking information, so there is no need for us to ask you for it. This is a scam possibly intended to steal your identity and access your bank accounts. If you are concerned about your account, hang up and call the bank directly with a number you know to be genuine. For Millbury Savings, that’s (508) 865-5811.

Despite the difficulties in tracing the robocalls, the MBA recommends reporting any such calls to your local police department and your bank.

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