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Problem? There’s an app for that!

Have a perplexing problem you can’t find the answer to? Why not ask your phone? These days, it could be as simple as, “There’s an app for that.” Here are some of our favorites, along with the website where you can read more about them. 

Problem: You’re out shopping and want to compare prices
App: Red Laser (
Download Red Laser to scan the barcode of an item and view competitor prices from both local stores as well as online retailers. Bonus: Scan the barcode of food items and the app will let you know about potential allergens.

Problem: You need help managing your finances
App: Mint (
While we would never advocate releasing your bank account and credit card information to just anyone, this award-winning app from Mint will track your bills and spending habits and can help you budget real-time.

Problem: You’re in an unfamiliar area and need gas
App: Gas Buddy (
Gas Buddy can use your phone’s GPS (if location services are turned on) to locate the nearest and cheapest gas to your current location.

Problem: You need an on-the- go to-do list
App: Remember the Milk (
Available only for iPhone at this time, this nifty app allows you to jot down your tasks, then organize them by name, due date, estimated time to complete, or even proximity to your current location! You’ll never forget to pick up milk again.

Problem: You’re out-and-about and need a file from your home PC
App: Dropbox (
Download Dropbox and you can easily share files across devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Problem: You need to share phone contact lists with a friend
App: Bump (
Download Bump to literally “bump” or tap phones with a friend, family member, colleague, or anyone else with Bump on their smartphone to share contacts and even photos.

Problem: You’re away from home and miss your favorite radio station
App: TuneIn Radio (
Listening to local radio is easy when you download TuneIn Radio’s app, which gives you access to 50,000 AM/FM and Internet-only radio stations across the globe.

Problem: You’re out the area and need to find a local restaurant
App: Yelp (
With Yelp, you’re never more than a few clicks away from a local restaurant or any other business, for that matter, complete with reviews submitted by other Yelp users.

Problem: You’re planning a trip and need help with the details
App: Trip Advisor (
Just like its online counterpart, the Trip Advisor app lets you find highly rated hotels, restaurants, and attractions in the most popular cities across the globe. Use the Near Me Now feature to find establishments close by once you’re there.

Problem: You hear a song on the radio and want to know the title and artist
App: Shazam (
OK, so not one of life’s biggest problems. Still, with Shazam you’ll never be left in the dark about music. This app uses your smartphone’s microphone to record a sample of the music played, then compares it to a central database to identify the artist, song title, and album.

Problem: You’d like to manage your Millbury Savings Bank accounts
App: Millbury Savings Bank’s Mobile Banking App (
Surely you saw this one coming, didn’t you? Users of Millbury Savings Bank’s Online Banking can enroll in Mobile Banking, and download our free mobile app for iPhone and Android. With it, you can view account balances, transfer funds from one account to another, even pay bills —all from your mobile phone.

Have a different model web-enabled phone? That’s OK —sign up to use Mobile Banking through your phone’s web browser, which has the same functionality. To enroll in Millbury Savings Bank’s Mobile Banking, log into Online Banking, then click “Preferences” and “Enroll Now” under the Mobile Banking profile. Or, download our Quick Start Guide under the Quick Links menu.

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