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New card readers installed in our ATMs.

With the nationwide switch-over to EMV chip card technology, we’ve updated our ATMs at both offices to read chip-enabled cards. What’s more, these new card readers use advanced anti-skimming technology to prevent skimmers from capturing card and PIN information.

When using the ATM with the new reader, please note these changes:

  • Insert your card long-side first and picture-side up. Signage mounted on the ATM will show you the proper orientation.
  • The reader will search for and read your card’s chip. If no chip exists, the magnetic stripe will be used.
  • Your transaction may take a little longer. Please wait for the prompt to remove your card.

By the end of the summer, Millbury Savings will begin issuing fraud-reducing EMV chip cards in place of our magnetic stripe debit cards for both new and replacement cards. EMV chip technology helps prevent fraudulent transactions when used at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals with chip card readers. We’ll provide more information when these new EMV chip cards are ready for issue.

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